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“Cobb’s writing is rich in characters and beautiful imagery.”

A TIME TO REAP tells the story of the Founier family, fractured not only by war but by their own feelings toward themselves and each other. As Patrick struggles through his tour of duty in Vietnam, his estranged wife and three children, at home in Louisiana, are forced to deal with their own very individual troubles.

In this coming-of-age novel, Pulitzer nominee William Cobb delivers a mesmerizing portrayal of a household divided by war, addiction and the pains of self-discovery.


“William Cobb has written his finest novel yet, a beautifully rendered and unforgettable masterpiece of love in the time of war. The battle scenes are the most vivid and compelling I’ve ever read.”
– Pat Conroy, author
“A Time to Reap is a stunner, so beautifully written that it takes my breath away. Populated by vivid, highly complex characters, William Cobb’s novel brings to life a troubling piece of America’s not-so-distant past.”
– Cassandra King, author
“A Time To Reap is William Cobb’s best novel yet. It is a swift and compelling read and its subject and thematic resonances are both fresh and important. Small town life has been written about before, but its ability to limit the scope of its citizens and to compress their horizons has never seemed more convincing and real. It is an expertly written book, gritty, realistic, and moving. The reader will come to identify with every character.”
– Sena Jeter Naslund, author and teacher
“I could not put this suspenseful novel down. Capturing the effects of the Vietnam war upon a serviceman’s entire family, ” A Time to Reap” also contains deep implications for our own time. The entire family is deeply, brilliantly brought to life—especially the children who manage to grow and survive their dysfunctional parents as they all come to a deeper understanding of their lives. A rich, compelling page-turner.”
– Lee Smith, author
A Time to Reap by William Cobb

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  • Format(s):
    Paperback and Kindle
  • ISBN:
    978-1-910603-68-0 (Paperback)
  • ASIN:
    B07NDX395W (Kindle)
  • Edition:
    1st Edition
  • Imprint:
    SixFinger Publishing
  • Classification:
    War & Military Action Fiction, War Story Fiction
  • Paperback Published:
    06 Feb., 2019
  • Kindle Published:
    05 Feb., 2019
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A book to make you think as well as feel.
Five stars
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